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Ventra by Darkdeath21


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July 2, 2011
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Ventra: Steel Disaster/ Chapter 12

Someone knocked on the door. Veil lifted her hand up from the phone. She waited for a second, hoping that whoever was there would give up and leave.

The knock resonated again. Although the last several days had passed without incident, she couldn't put the possibility out of her mind that someone affiliated with that gang had come back. She decided to wait. A normal person would leave if they didn't get a response after a few tries.

However, after a few moments of silence, she heard another noise. Instead of knocking, she heard a sliding noise, then a click. The door swung open a few inches. Was it Spark? If not, whoever it was had a key.

Veil shrunk back. The door was pushed open and a cat wearing a suit walked in. Unbeknownst to her, it was the very same person who captured Spark. He shifted his tie and put down his briefcase, looking very official. His eyes drifted across the room, then stopped on the young vixen. He gestured with his head, and another figure stepped in. As he pointed at her, the other person approached the girl.

"Who are you? Stop! Don't come any closer!" Veil was nearly screaming as she scrambled back and pushed herself into a corner. Before she could protest anymore, she felt herself get grabbed. There was a sharp pain in her neck, and she saw a needle get pulled away. It began to register in her mind that she'd been drugged as she drifted slowly out of consciousness.


Byron had allowed Spark to remain in his clothes for now, but told him that by the next day he'd have to put on an official uniform. As a new member of the crew, he was being treated to a tour of the airship.

The ship was really quite remarkable. He'd already seen the cabins where the crew slept, and he could attest to the fact that the accommodations were brilliant. The beds seemed almost luxurious and large windows granted spectacular views of the panoramic landscapes below.

Passing through the kitchen, he marveled at the quality of the food being prepared. Apparently, Byron liked to live extravagantly, and anyone living with him was forced to as well. However, Spark could tell that the hawk was very eccentric. He did things in a specific way, and he was quite unpredictable.

Something else that was weighing heavily on his mind was the large cannon on the back of the airship. It was huge, and looked like it launched missiles. He couldn't imagine it being put to a good use, and he was sure there were many more weapons on board that hadn't been as immediately prominent.

After the tour, he'd been treated to dinner, been allowed to take a shower, and went to bed. He'd been told the real work would start the next day.

Spark lay in the bed, millions of questions floating through his mind. What is this guy doing anyway? When am I going to get off? WILL I ever get off? Why am I being treated so nicely? Will I ever see Veil again?

He nearly choked with that last thought. What would Veil even do by herself? She was probably freaking out right now. He wished he could call her, but his phone had been taken as well as his Arc, his apartment key, and his police badge.

If they had his key, that meant that they could get into his apartment. Which was where Veil was. Would they even bother going? And if they did, would they do anything to her?

He tossed and turned with questions for hours, then suddenly, a warning was issued throughout the whole ship.

Preparing for landing. All passengers prepare for the descent.


The ship began to lower itself straight down. The speed with which it descended took the fox by surprise, and he was jolted upright. He grabbed onto the side of the bed to steady himself, then relaxed as it slowed, and finally touched down on the ground.

He pulled himself out of bed and went into the hallway. The rest of the workers were filing out, and they had guns as well. Spark hadn't been given a gun yet. What was going on?

He followed the lines into the entry room. A large door opened up, and Spark saw that they were in the middle of a field. A car was parked next to it. Where had the car come from? They were presumably located hours from Fortune City. What time was it? He glanced down at his watch. Four AM. If the car had left late last night, it might have been able to make it here, given that the airship hadn't moved since Spark arrived.

The door opened and the person who'd captured Spark came out. Another person came out, carrying a limp form. Byron came into the room as the figures boarded the ship. He had apparently landed to allow them on.

"Well, what did you find?" he asked.

"Nothing of interest, except for this," he put the form onto the ground. Spark caught his breath. It was Veil. They'd been to his apartment. Why wasn't she moving?

Byron sounded angry. "What…is this?"

The cat shifted his tie nervously, "We found this girl in his room. Figured we'd bring her here to see what you would do."

"Spark!" the hawk called out and beckoned him. The fox hesitated for a second, but the hawk beckoned him forward again. He ran up.

"Do you know…this girl?" he questioned.

He bent down and brushed the hair away from her eyes. What had they done? She better not be hurt, he thought to himself.

"Yeah, yeah I know her. She was staying with me at my apartment."

"I don't know…she looks…a lot like the daughter of the Arc companies president."

Spark looked up, his heart beating rapidly. That's…not something any normal person would know. It's not like she's famous or anything. That settles it….he knows something, and I need to find out how he's connected to this.

"No…I don't think that's right," Spark said.

Byron looked skeptical. But he dismissed it with a wave, "Whatever you say. I have no reason not to trust you yet," then he fixed the fox with a fierce stare, "And you better not give me a reason not to trust you.

"Now! What do you think we should do," he asked the person who brought her in, "with this?"

He adjusted his tie again--it seemed to be a nervous habit of his--and swallowed quickly, "Well, if you don't need her," he glanced down at the girl and flashed a smile, "I'll take her off your hands."

Byron sighed. He turned his head and muttered to himself. The hawk reached into his jacket and pulled out a gun. It wasn't the kind of gun modernly used. No, the guns of this age shot high-temperature lasers. This was a retro gun--complete with gunpowder and bullets.

Before anybody even had a chance to blink, he pointed it at the feline in the suit and shot. There was a resonating BANG! that echoed in Spark's ears. The victim collapsed, clutching his chest. Blood pumped out around his fingers, spattering his clothes and pooling on the ground.

Byron looked away with disgust, "Someone get rid of this mess! God I hate having to do that."

Spark couldn't tear his eyes away. His heart was beating in his chest like a hammer on an anvil. His eyes were wide. This guy's insane! Why'd he do that?!


"Well Spark, you can take her to your room. Feel free to do with her whatever you like, just bear in mind that I need both of you ready tomorrow. I'm arranging a meeting for the three of us."

He turned to face the crowd that had amassed. None of them seemed surprised in the slightest at the hawk's actions.

"That is all! You may return to your rooms!"

Everyone filed out of the room and the still bleeding body was removed. Spark picked Veil up and carried her into the hallway. He noticed a few people stared at the girl as he carried her away, and one shot Spark a look of bitter jealousy.

He pulled open the door to his room and placed her on the bed. Spark looked at her for a few seconds, wondering what was going to happen  now that they were both in the airship.

The fox took particular note of how beautiful she was. He'd nearly forgotten about her and the way she looked. However, as he marveled at her, the girl's eyes fluttered open. She seemed dizzy and confused.

"Where--where am I?" Veil asked.

Her vision was blurred and she began to recall the events about how Spark's home had been broken into, and how they'd taken her.

She began lashing out in a blind panic. "Get away! Don't hurt me! Get away!"

Spark stepped back, "Calm down! Veil it's me, Spark! It's me!"

Veil suddenly stopped and turned her head back. She opened her eyes, and slowly watched as her vision began to un-blur and Spark took shape.

"S-spark? It's you! I was so scared," she flung herself forward and wrapped her arms around him, "Where are we?"

"I'm not entirely sure yet…but you don't need to worry as long as I'm here."

Veil looked up at him smiling, "I'm not sure whether to be embarrassed at how ridiculous that sounded or happy with how good you just made me feel."

He flashed a smile at her, "You wouldn't run away right now if I tried to kiss you, right?"

She smiled back, "That all depends…"

Veil pulled Spark forward and kissed him. They stayed wrapped in the embrace for a few moments, before Veil pulled back.

"You won't run away if I kiss you, will you?" she asked.

He grinned, "Of course not."

The two foxes leaned forward again. Everything that had happened since he met her flashed through his mind, and his only regret was that this moment couldn't last forever.

First off, decided to use a new pic for my chapter, at least for this chapter, because the picture needed some publicity.

Anyway, I wrote this chapter a bit haphazardly, partially at home and partially in Vegas, so ignore any mistakes for now.
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